How a Web Design Company can make the world a better place.

At River Design Co we care about the future of the environment. As a company founded and grown on Vancouver Island, the natural world has always been close to our hearts. We run our business to minimize our impact on the world and try to do some good along the way. The servers we operate are run using renewable energy. This means that no matter how much traffic your website gets there won’t be any increase in your business carbon footprint. Although this may seem like a relatively small action, we believe in approaching all things we do with the mindset of environmental protection.
Also, as our most recent green initiative, we have teamed up with TreeCanada to plant a new tree for every website we build! Through this friendship, we are turning our success into a positive impact on the world. Over the last 28 years, Tree Canada has planted more than 80 million trees, capturing millions of tons of carbon. We are extremely proud of our partnership and excited to get to work making the world a greener place.

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